About Us


The idea for making paper roses came to me when I was trying to think of an original gift for a new girlfriend, I wanted something that would last forever but, ever the penniless artist, I didn’t have much money so needed a gift on a budget.


The flowers were a hit (unlike our relationship, as it later turned out) and I began making up lots of variations using patterned papers, different designs and eventually photos.  I got such great feedback on them, I decided to turn it into a business and Your Forever Petals was born.


All handmade and lovingly crafted by yours truly, Your Forever Petals present unique and personalised gifts for every occasion and unlike real flowers, they won’t wither and die, don’t need watering and so stay looking fresh and beautiful long after your real bouquet have faded away.  What’s more, you can easily personalise with your very own treasured photo memories to make them truly individual to the person receiving them.


I hope you enjoy creating your own Forever Petals! for your special occasion.